Property Tax Comparison

Village Council maintaines the property tax rate at $1.23 per $100 of assessment.  This compares to the provincial average of $1.51 per $100 of assessment property tax rate in New Brunswick.  Perth-Andover’s property tax rate remained the same since 1999. The following table compares Perth-Andover tax rates to other municipalities within our grouping as well as with the provincial rate. It can be found at the following; Benchmark Report 2013

2013 2013 2013
Categories Perth-Andover Group Avg Provincial Avg
Population 1,778 1,832 4,743
Population/Road KM 52.5 48.9 78.7
Tax Base/Capita 59,459 68,672 85,247

The following table offers general information provided from For more general infromation on property tax, please visit Government of New Brunswick/Property Tax

Summary of 2014 rates:

Provincial Rate

Local Rate

Special Rates
in LSDs/rural

Residential: Owner-Occupied

0 *

set by Municipality
RC or by the Minister of LG in LSDs and former LSDs

In LSDs $0.5215
In Rural $0.5215 or less

Residential: Non Owner-Occupied


Same as above




1.5 times the
above rate


Cost of Assessment


* On up to 0.5 hectares of residential property. Property in excess of 0.5 hectares is subject to the $1.3373 provincial rate.

 For more information about Muncipal property tax rates and Provincial tax rates please visit; Annual Report Of Municipal Statistics